A Top Digital Agency’s Guide to Building a Twitter Strategy

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A Top Digital Agency’s Guide to Building a Twitter Strategy

It’s undisputed that social media can make or break a brand. With the right words, you can easily establish yourself as a crowd favorite by barely putting out a few lines. 

While Twitter has become a place for unpopular opinions, trending hashtags, viral tweets, and much more, this bite-size content consumption of 280 characters is enough to make anything go viral. 

According to Statista, as of 2021, Twitter has 206 million active users. To put it into perspective, that’s as much as the population of Nigeria. So it comes as no surprise that Twitter is one of the favorite social media sites for top social media marketing companies.

However, creating engaging content to market a brand isn’t as easy as it seems. A top digital agency simply does not come up with a random tweet, add some vaguely familiar hashtags and a photo, and press “sent tweet”. Rather, there’s a whole Twitter strategy built and followed to get the required brand exposure.

Here is a top digital agency’s guide to building a Twitter strategy.

  • Set Twitter Goals

Firstly, like any marketing strategy, you need to communicate your marketing strategy to the digital marketing agency. This will not only dictate the type of content the marketing firm will create but also help them evaluate its performance. 

Going viral on social media, specifically, trending on Twitter is only remarkable if you can maintain that consistency. 

More importantly, ensure that your goals are measurable. This is why it is crucial that you lay down specific goals, such as a 10% increase in online engagement, reaching 50k followers, website traffic to increase by 5%, and so on.

  • Establish Your Target Audience

Before creating any content, your digital marketing company will establish your target audience. Why is that necessary? Simple! With a laid target audience, you can easily convert them into customers with brand loyalty. When you have such a solid customer base, it becomes easier for companies to meet targets and be able to expand on their marketing strategies.

Not only that, with the target audience in place, your online marketing agency can easily know who is interested in your brand and what kind of content do they prefer. 

For example, if your target audience is millennials interested in food, or digital markets, business professionals, chefs, fashion designers, and so on.

  • Create Your Twitter Voice

What best social media marketing companies will do is create your Twitter voice. What exactly is that? In simple words, it’s the tone of voice the digital marketing firm will use to market and interact with your followers.

People are looking for authenticity, meaning they don’t want a “corporate” marketing campaign or reply to their tweet. In other words, the more human or personality you have in your tweets the more likely are people to engage with your content. 

For example, take a look at Wendy’s Twitter voice. They have hit it off the park by sticking to their sarcastic yet entertaining brand voice when interacting with their customers, competition, and marketing campaigns. And although they hop on viral trends, their tone of voice doesn’t waver.

  • Establish a Posting Format

To create some kind of consistency, a top digital agency would create a posting format. Think of it as laying some ground rules for the posts. From the type of content to the number of posts in a day, who to interact with, hashtags used in a tweet, keywords used in the content, brand guidelines, and so on. 

This will help you create a consistent and authentic posting format and establish your brand image. 

  • Create a Schedule

A good content marketing agency knows that as much your content is important when you post the content and the frequency of your posts matters too. This is why top marketing agencies create a posting schedule that they follow. From festivals to product launches to simple interactions with different brands and replies to sub-tweets.

This includes what content needs to be posted, when it needs to be posted, whom to interact with. In doing so, you avoid reposting content or event missing any posts. 

  • Analyze Your Results

Just like traditional marketing strategies, digital ones too run on the performance of the strategies. Your digital marketing services company’s job doesn’t end with creating content and posting it. 

They will evaluate the strategies used, analyze them to see which ones perform better and others, and try to understand why some failed to give the desired results.

We hope this article helped you understand how a top digital agency would create a brand’s Twitter strategy. 

While it may seem like Twitter marketing or even creating a strategy on this platform is just about making a tweet with an image, there’s a lot of planning involved with scrutinizing to ensure that the strategies work. 

If you need assistance in marketing your brand, our team of dedicated professionals at Sol Digital will be happy to help. With several years of experience and even more happy customers, we are the one-stop for all your marketing needs.

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