Creative Conundrum: What Type of Content Will Boost Your Brand’s Website Traffic

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Creative Conundrum: What Type of Content Will Boost Your Brand’s Website Traffic

One of the biggest issues a digital marketing agency faces while creating content for a brand is choosing the right content. This is because digital marketing in the B2B industry is very different from a skincare brand. Different industries require different kinds of content, catering to a different audience.

This is why in the digital marketing world, content is king. The more engaging the content, the more views, followers, shares, etc., it garners. But with the fierce competition, making your website and content stand out is difficult. This is why the digital content agency will focus on certain types of content to boost your website traffic.

Here is a detailed list of types of content to choose from that would be most appropriate for your brand.

  • Blogs

The most popular and versatile means to increase website traffic are blogs. For an SEO content agency this a goldmine. A brand’s blogs include a wide spectrum of topics such as informative blogs, latest trends, tutorials, niche industry content, and so on. They also help the brand seem like an expert with a variety of topics these blogs cover. 

Due to their popularity, blogs rake in exceptional numbers of viewers, thereby increasing their search engine rank. This leads people to usually read only the top ranking blogs. This is why a digital marketing SEO agency will make the content SEO optimized. 

  • Videos

Search engines love websites that include videos because people prefer them over paragraphs of texts. Thus, these websites rank higher on search engine results. 

An online marketing firm will market a brand will make the most of this and create several videos. From tutorials to reviews, anything can be made into a video that is used by the agency. 

Another notable thing is that apart from uploading videos on social media sites and linking them to the brand’s website, you can add the YouTube videos directly on the website. This not only decreases your website’s bounce rate but also increase your YouTube views.

  • E-Books

If your company has created an exclusive guide, magazine, or any of that sort, adding those to your website will help your brand stand out. Since writing such things take time, your competitors are less likely to have an e-book. This makes your brand seem like an industry expert and something the customers will trust.

You can have the first few pages of the e-book available for free. If people like the book, they will purchase or give details to access them. This will increase decrease your bounce rate and your website traffic.

  • Infographics

Creating content is not as easy as people make it out to be. It requires a lot of research and brainstorming to create the right content. Sometimes, certain content requires more time than others. However, to stay relevant and not rank lower on the search engine results an SEM agency will create an infographic. 

Infographics cater to both people who prefer text and people who prefer videos or something similar that is visually striking. Thus, the average website traffic increases. Also, add keywords to the alt-text tag in the photo will show the image on Google images too. So even if the infographic doesn’t show up on the search results, through the link on the images, people can visit your brand’s website.

  • Podcasts

In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of podcasts. From celebrities to business tycoons, everyone has a podcast. The reason why people love them is that they are not scripted and more authentic.

Since podcasts are usually videos, they rank higher on search engine results. The higher the rank the more traffic it garners as people prefer videos. Also, inviting a guest will help you garner more views and boost website traffic. 

  • Interviews

Interviews are a great way to bring in additional traffic to your website. Be it in the form of blogs or a video, interviews make your brand stand out. This is because the person being interviewed is most likely an industry expert or industry celebrity. A growth marketing agency responsible for marketing this will create the hype around the actual day. People who don’t know the person will see the interview, thus an increase in website traffic

We hope this article helped choose the right kind of content for your brand.

Having the right kind of content has several benefits. It will organically boost your website traffic and search engine rank. It will also increase sales and customer engagement. This is because people will think your brand and its products and services are worthwhile if the content you upload is authentic and genuine. For this very reason, a digital marketing company responsible for SEO and PPC management for your brand will create and market content to boost your sales.

Toshiko’s Tip of the Day: A digital marketing firm will always post on social media about the latest content on the brand’s website. Moreover, they will also add links to directly take people to the webpage. 

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