How a Digital Marketing Company Recycles Content to Promote your Brand

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How a Digital Marketing Company Recycles Content to Promote your Brand

One might assume that to promote a brand the digital marketing company only creates new content. But even marketers go through creative slumps, which is when they reuse old content to create new ones.

Now, resuing old content doesn’t mean reposting old posts, blogs, videos, etc., once again. It refers to using the old posts as a foundation to create new content. For example, the marketing agency uses an old infographic is turned it into a blog or video by going into detail. 

Here is how a digital marketing company recycles content to promote your brand. 

Reusing Social Media Content

  • Infographics

Creating infographics from old content is one of the fastest and easiest ways a digital marketing agency can make new content for your social media. Moreover, the abundance of images and minimal text helps increase the engagement rate. The reason being the visual stimulation of images attracts people. Thus, compared to long blogs, and ebooks, people are more likely to engage with infographics. 

  • Video Snippets 

For an agency marketing your brand, videos are a goldmine for creating new content. While your YouTube channel might have full-length videos, the marketing firm will take snippets of these videos and upload them to your social media to create enough curiosity among the followers that they click on the link for the full video. 

The average attention span of a person is merely a few seconds on social media. Thus, people want to consume data as quickly as possible. Moreover, 83% of marketers believe videos bring in a higher ROI.

  • Reposts

Another way a  social media marketing company reuses content is by reposting it on a different social media platform. For example, taking a screenshot of a tweet and posting it on Instagram with an eye-catching background. 

  • User Generated Posts

For a marketing agency, social media is a way to promote the brand and help them connect with their customers. Moreover, it also is a place wherein customers are honest about their opinions. Thus, using this, the content marketing agency will make a post about reviews to even specific tweets that concern your brand. This makes your brand seem more authentic and genuine. Moreover, it helps to build trust among your followers.

Reusing Blog Content

  • Infographics

If you have a blog post that details the steps or has several statistics, online marketing companies will use this to create a new infographic that gives a brief overview of the same. Moreover, the visual stimulus of the images makes the content more engaging. 

  • E-Book

If you look back at your old blogs you will find a collection that has performed exceptionally well. Thus, with a few modifications an online marketing agency will compile them to create an ebook. While the blog might be brief, the ebook can have a more comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the topic. 

  • Videos

Another way a marketing agency creates new content in making videos of the tutorials and guides, providing a visual example. Creating a script and acting it out or animating it makes understanding the concept better.

Reusing Podcast Content

  • Video Snippets for Social Media

While you may have uploaded the podcast episode, a digital marketing agency would pick out interesting snippets from it and upload it on your social media. This will help you create the buzz and increase your engagement rate. However, this is not limited to the old podcast episodes. You can post snippets of the new ones too. 

  • Transcripts Turned into Blogs

An agency marketing your brand will aim at making content accessible to everyone. This is why they will create transcripts of the episode. Taking this a step further, the transcript is edited and turned into a blog post. This gives the audience a variety of ways to consume your content.

Reusing Video and Webinar Content

  • Transcripts Turned into Blogs

As mentioned earlier, online marketing companies often turn transcripts into blogs. While most of the content in these blogs is the same as the video or webinar, the blog might go further into detail, explaining certain concepts. This is due to the conversational tone of the videos and webinars. 

  • Podcasts

After a little editing, a content marketing agency will convert videos, especially webinars into podcast episodes. Given the conversational tone and the guest, webinars are often used for podcast episodes. Moreover, this provides people who missed the webinar to watch it. 

We hope this article helped you understand the importance of recycling content and how to use it. A digital marketing company recycling content is a strategy rather than a way to cheat the system. This is because there might be people who will come across your brand for the first time, new content with the old on  

Toshiko’s Tip of the Day: A way through which the digital marketing company increases traffic to the old post is by linking it to the new content.

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