How Does an ECommerce Digital Marketing Agency Work?

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How Does an ECommerce Digital Marketing Agency Work?

If you’ve never worked at or with a eCommerce digital marketing agency before, you may have some questions about what they do and how they do it:

What is the operation of an eCommerce digital marketing agency?

What advantages can an ecommerce digital marketing agency provide?

How much does it cost to work with an ecommerce digital marketing agency?

SOL is dedicated to assisting eCommerce businesses in their growth. To do so, we believe that every client should understand how an ecommerce digital marketing agency works. We’ve outlined some essentials to help you understand what makes a great agency, whether you’re just getting started or evaluating a new partner.

What Is an eCommerce Digital Marketing Agency?

An eCommerce digital marketing agency is an outside team that works with your company to solve complex problems and help you achieve your objectives. This is frequently accomplished by agencies through the strategic use of creative, technology, and marketing services.

Because every agency is different, we’ll share a few processes and perspectives on working with clients in this post. Our company operates on a full-service model. This means that we provide services in strategy, creative, marketing, and technology all under one roof. Inbound marketing is used to bring new visitors to your website and to create engaging website design and technology to help them convert.

How Can an eCommerce Digital Marketing Agency Assist You?

Guidance that is up to date

A successful eCommerce digital marketing agency is on top of industry trends, systems, and software to help you succeed. A qualified eCommerce digital marketing agency will demonstrate a clear understanding of where eCommerce is headed, whether you’re looking for help with SEO strategies, web design, or lead generation.

To stay informed about how changes may affect their clients, agency partners frequently create and research their own informational content. We recommend requesting these types of resources during your search process in order to validate and differentiate agencies.

From the Outside Looking In

We believe that an outside perspective can always be beneficial. A successful eCommerce digital marketing agency provides new perspectives and ideas to help you improve your marketing and business.

Our client relationships are viewed as partnerships by us. This means that we act as an extension of the in-house team, providing insights, strategies, and tactical support.

Technical Knowledge

We believe that technology decisions should be driven by business strategy. As a result, a qualified eCommerce digital marketing agency partner will not sell you off-the-shelf technology. Instead, they will provide a prescriptive stack that is directly related to your goals.

eCommerce agencies frequently collaborate with technology platforms in order to provide a high level of technical understanding and expertise. We strongly advise evaluating certified partners who are qualified to work on your chosen technology when selecting an agency.

We have a strong belief in the capabilities of each of these technologies and frequently recommend them to our clients. However, we maintain our stance that each client is unique.

Our team is here to help you determine which platform(s) will be the best fit for your business based on the features you require to improve performance.


A successful agency-client relationship is built on communication. However, we frequently discover that this is a source of frustration for many clients who worked with the wrong partner. So, how do you find the perfect match?

We recommend using the sales process to gauge communication cadence and transparency. Our account managers at Groove Commerce oversee our client relationships, acting as a single point of contact to streamline communication.

When you have questions, they will connect you with the team member who is most knowledgeable about the subject to ensure you get the best, most relevant answers possible.

Should I Hire A Digital eCommerce Agency Or An Employee?

Many businesses debate whether to hire an in-house marketing employee or an outside marketing agency. Although adding internal staff has definite benefits, we find that hiring an external partner provides a higher return for a lower annual investment.


When it comes to hiring internal employees, businesses typically have two options: specialists or generalists. Specialists add value because they have a deep understanding of a particular subject. However, their capacity to perform tasks outside of this domain will be limited, necessitating additional training.

Generalists, on the other hand, can perform a wide range of tasks at a lower level. This can assist businesses in accomplishing more, but generalists lack refined skill sets that can assist them in moving the needle.


When you work with an agency, you gain access to a large team of highly skilled specialists. As a result, this unparalleled expertise can assist your business in growing with a lower investment. Groove Commerce’s inbound marketing retainer gives you access to the following:

Interactive Designers and Digital Strategists

Both the front-end and the back-end Developers

Account Managers who are dedicated to their clients

Full-service agencies are less expensive because you don’t have to worry about extra costs, and you have more control over your budget.

Granted, depending on your needs and investment, both scenarios can go up or down. However, we have discovered that agencies can provide more value for the investment than in-house employees.

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