How to Create Buyer Persona: An Internet Marketing Consulting Services’ Secrets

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How to Create Buyer Persona: An Internet Marketing Consulting Services’ Secrets

Have you ever walked down a shop’s aisle and saw a new product banner or even scrolled through the endless catalog of products until you saw an ad that made you go, “I didn’t know how much I needed this until I saw it just now!”? But have you ever wondered why you feel that sense of urgency to buy something or feel like the product was just made for you?

The answer is simple. The internet marketing consulting services responsible for the brand created a buyer persona to market “the one” product for you. 

What is Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a fictitious person (persona) created by a digital marketing company to create the product or service and facilitate in marketing it to the right target audience. In other words, they are a fictitious person who resembles your target audience. 

Online marketing companies create buyer personas to imitate consumer behavior and study the customer better to create hyper-focused marketing campaigns. Since you can’t communicate with each customer, the buyer persona is segmented to understand the customer base at large. 

How to Create Buyer Persona?

Here is some internet marketing consulting services’ secrets on how to create a buyer persona.

  • Set Buyer Persona Goals

It goes without saying but digital marketing services will first ask you to set some goals for the buyer persona. In doing so, not only will you be able to create a product or service catering to your customers, but the creative digital marketing agency will also be able to have a detailed understanding of the target audience.

  • Set How Many Personas You Want

While your product or service might be geared towards a certain demographic or section of society, even with that type of customer base, there are different types of customers. So, having just one buyer person won’t cut, you need to have multiple or at least more than one buyer persona to ensure most of your target audience is covered. 

For this, you’ll need to segment your target audience to understand the percentage of each of them. There could be working women in their mid-20s, men in their early 20s, and a bunch of people in their late teens. 

  • Create Your Persona’s Demographic 

Now that you have understood how many buyer personas you need, the internet marketing consulting services will create a demographic for them. 

Through market research, the digital marketing firm will find out the demographic of your brand. For example, person A is a female in their mid-20s/25, earning an average income of XX, lives in the metropolitan area, interested in lifestyle, skincare, and food.

  • Establish the Persona’s Motives

Now that the internet marketing consultants have narrowed their demographic, they’ll focus on the persona’s motivations and goals. Flesh out the persona to become more human to understand the target audience.

What are their motivations? Do they volunteer, working another job, have a hobby, frequent certain places, studying for a course or any educational degree, do they live alone? Similarly, what are their goals? Are they working as a breadwinner of the family, do they have to pay any loans, and so on. 

  • Formulate Messages/Content for the Persona

Lastly, the most crucial part of the process is for the content marketing agency to create the messaging or the content that will be geared towards the buyer persona and the target audience. 

Your content must be hyper-focused on the buyer persona. Think of why would they want to buy or repurchase your product or service. Are your products or services solving any of their problems, if yes, how? Is there a limit to what they can spend? Include the pricing to show the monetary value of the product.

We hope that you find this article useful in understanding how internet marketing consulting services create a buyer persona.

For any business or digital marketing agency to be successful, they need to understand consumer behavior. More importantly, they need to understand what the customers want and how they can solve their problems with their products and services. 

With the buyer persona, internet marketing consulting services create a customer for the brand to whom they refer when creating and marketing products or services. 

Toshiko’s Tip of the Day: To create your buyer persona, look into your existing customers and create a set of questions that can be used to create the buyer persona. For example, uses questions like where does the buyer usually shop? What does their lifestyle look like? Where do they work? What is the common ground between them and the customers from our competition? 

If you need assistance in marketing your brand, our team of dedicated professionals at SOL Digital will be happy to help. With several years of experience and even more happy customers, we are the one-stop for all your marketing needs.

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