Instagram’s Impact on Small Businesses: Top Internet Marketing Companies’ Perspective

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Instagram’s Impact on Small Businesses: Top Internet Marketing Companies’ Perspective

Just like industry giants have moved to the digital space, especially Instagram to market their brand, the same is the case with small businesses. With over 120 million active users in the USA alone, it’s safe to say that the app has an impressive audience. 

However, while big companies use it just as a marketing platform, for many small businesses, it is their few platforms of marketing and interaction that don’t require you to spend thousands. In fact, most small businesses have grown exponentially ever since they started marketing their brand on Instagram.

So here is the top internet marketing companies’ outlook on the impact of Instagram on small businesses.

Why Use Instagram for Marketing?

With the rise of social media, what top internet marketing companies have noticed is how quickly Instagram has managed to adapt to the changes in the social media landscape. From videos to Instagram stories to Reels to Shopping features and much more. This has led many small businesses to use it as a marketing platform and gain momentum for their business. 

But we still have shopping apps, physical stores, and small businesses that do have their own website, so how beneficial can Instagram be for these businesses? Let’s take a look at why you should use Instagram for marketing your business.

  • Outreach: With millions of people using the same app, it’s safe to say that some thousands would be interested in what your business sells. More importantly, unlike a physical market, your audience doesn’t have any geographical limitations. Anyone from anywhere can buy your products.
  • Multi-Media: Instagram isn’t just about posting photos of your products, you can hop on the latest trends and make Reels, get creative with Instagram Stories, use IGTV for longer marketing campaigns, and much more.
  • Paid Ads: With paid ads, not only does Instagram help you show sponsored posts to people who might be interested in your products, but it also helps you track the results of the same.
  • Viral Content: On the internet, there’s always something trending or going viral, be it the strawberry dress by Lirika Matoshi to Doja Cat. So, if you create the right content or even have some interesting and unique products, it will barely take 20 minutes for your business to go viral. 

How Instagram has Created a Space for Businesses?

Given how profitable Instagram has been for small businesses, the social media site now has a paid ads and a separate shop feature that allows businesses to create a digital catalog for their products and services. 

From product descriptions to photos that directly take to the shop feature to even links for websites, Instagram over the years has built a foundation for small businesses to market their products and services.

Moreover, with the Instagram paid ads feature, small businesses can easily create sponsored ad posts that will be shown to customers that have similar interests as the brand’s goods for sale.

And while influencer marketing might not be completely credited to Instagram, it has contributed significantly to its growth. With a paid promotions tag, influencers can let their followers know about any sponsored posts and the brand behind them.

What Does the Future of Instagram Benefit Small Businesses?

As of July 2021, Instagram’s CEO announced that in the coming months, Instagram will focus on video content, creators, messaging and push the social media site to be a shopping site too.  With the shopping feature already up and running for quite some time now, it comes as no surprise that they want to expand their domain in this area. 

As mentioned above, with more focus being brought to shopping, going forward, the site will look to add more features to the existing site model. 

With the right features in place, the shopping feature could easily become a go-to space for small businesses, given that customers can easily view the products from the app itself. 

More importantly, they can market their products and services without always directing their customers to their website. Also, they help keep track of their progress too.

We hope this article gave you an insight into top internet marketing companies outlook on the impact of Instagram on small businesses. 

While Instagram initially started out as a photo-sharing site, it quickly became a multi-faceted social media site. And with the rise of small businesses, especially during Covid-19 has led it to tap on this market and transform its app into promoting them.

Toshiko’s Tip of the Day: If you’re a small business, we suggest utilizing the shopping feature and gain an upper hand before the social media site completely takes over the shopping aspect.

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