Memes: The Most Serious Marketing Technique used by Digital Marketing Agencies

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Memes: The Most Serious Marketing Technique used by Digital Marketing Agencies

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know what a meme is. If you do, well hello Patrick from Spongebob SquarePants!

If you have scrolled down a brand’s social media page, you will find memes sprinkled here and there. However, brands posting memes is not unheard of in the digital marketing world. In fact, it is encouraged to stay on top of their game. 

Here is why a social media marketing company will create memes for your brand.

  • Creates a Sense of Community

Memes create a sense of relatability which makes people believe that they belong. This creates a sense of community as people relate to the content. Thus, it creates a community of people to relate and understand the joke. 

  • Inexpensive

The reason why memes thrive and pop up so often on social media feeds is that they do not need any additional costs to create. Even a low-resolution meme is acceptable because well, it is a meme! Once the meme is understood, all the digital marketing agency has to do is create a meme according to the brand.

  • Creates Brand Relevancy

The moment something goes viral, you will find that a digital marketing firm will recreate the meme by focusing on the brand, and its products and services. This is to create the impression that the brand is up-to-date with the trends of the world. This makes their content relevant making and makes the brand seem more relatable. 

  • Increases Engagement Rate

Today, even the best social media marketing companies will tell you the reason why certain brands have such a huge following and engagement rate is memes. Why? Memes are meant to be funny, and when you post something hilarious, people will like, share, or comment on it. Thus, increasing your engagement rate.

So how does a marketing agency decide what kind of meme to create? This is how content marketing agency services create memes for your brand. 

  • Create Orginal Memes

A creative digital marketing agency will not wait for a meme to go viral to recreate it. Instead, they will create their own meme template or use gifs with original content and make a meme out of it. 

Although, they are challenging to create, time-consuming, and seemingly hit or miss. But with the right meme style and font, if you do create one that is funny and relatable, you have done it. 

Make sure to take proper permission or license for photos and videos that do not belong to you. 

  • Create Memes that Match the Brand

Although memes are light-hearted content a social media marketing company will see this as a marketing opportunity. Thus, the marketing agency will create memes based on the brand, its products and services, demographics, and so on. The funnier the more chances of it being shared, thus increasing your followers.  

Moreover, a good brand meme will make the customer feel the need to try out their products without using the words “buy” in them. 

  • Participate in Meme Challenges

An online marketing agency marketing a brand will dive headfirst into meme challenges. This is because these challenges are relevant to the time and can be recreated fitting the brand’s narrative. For example, the 10-year challenge saw brands posting pictures, comparing their brand logos. 

  • React to Viral Moments or Cultural Phenomenons 

Remember the mysterious monolith that appeared out of nowhere? Now, If you were on the internet for the next 3-4 days following the appearance, you will know what a field trip the internet had. Brands saw this as a marketing opportunity and created memes using their products instead of the monolith. This is what it means when brands follow real-time trends and cultural phenomenons.

  • Reuse Famous Meme Templates 

You do not need any new meme templates to create content for the latest challenges or trends. You can always reuse a famous meme template or gif. What matters the most is how relatable and funny the content is. So the moment an old template or gif creates new content, the meme becomes more relatable and funny, since people already have a context for the same. 

We hope this article helped you understand how much of an impact memes have in the digital marketing world and how quickly a digital marketing agency has to think to keep up with the trends.

Today, content marketing companies have realized that creating content for a brand is not limited to the traditional sense. Memes have become popular because they are easy to understand and less time-consuming to make.

Toshiko’s Tip of the Day: When something is trending on the internet, hop on the trend, and use memes to talk about it. Also, create a separate album that contains all the meme templates, gifs, reaction photos, etc. so that you can simply add necessary text and post the meme.

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