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Dedicated, Passionate, Result Oriented
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Passion With Precision 

Having worked with several brands from different industries, one thing remains constant when it comes to marketing and branding — good quality content. We believe that good content can bud anywhere, but what makes our work stand out is the precision with which we create it. We weave ideas into realities that the audience connects with.

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Dedication That Never Ends

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it’s the same with your brand. Each brand is unique and hence its design brief is unique, our global team of experts understands the market and the brand to create content and build an empire with a strong foundation that won’t crumble.

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Consistent Commitment to Clients

We go beyond and push ourselves to deliver nothing less than perfection for our clients. With new challenges from each brand, we come up with even newer and out-of-the-box solutions that will leave your audience in awe. From the client briefs to follow-up meetings, we have a profound regard for our clients, value their brand, and deliver nothing short of original and creative solutions. 

Meet Our People

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Carlos Dale

Business Manager Europe

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Business Manager USA

Creative ad agency and branding agency

Kshama Chhapkhanawalla

Global Creative Head

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Ronjyoti Brahma

Business Manager India

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Sapna Ghosh

Business Manager India

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Sameer Tamboli

VP - Graphic Design

Creative ad agency and branding agency

Anu Mathews

Manager - HR

Creative ad agency and branding agency

Samy Soage


Creative ad agency and branding agency

Margaret Albrecht

Business-Manager USA

A company is nothing without its people and it applies even more to a digital marketing agency. We don’t just invest endless hours and energy into creating top-notch quality content, we invest in people who are the best of the best. We invest in years and years of experience and passion for design and marketing. 

At the face of it we may be sitting in front of our laptops typing away or scribbling rough ideas, attending meetings and chugging a concerning amount of coffee, but in these screens, between meetings, and between the empty mugs is where budding ideas become realities that put your brand on the map.

We are the perfect amalgamation of brand sense and business deliverables so that your company gets to connect with its customers in a unique and compelling manner that increases brand recall and also business. 

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