Practices a Digital Marketing Company Uses to Include Exceptional Photos in Your Brand’s Blogs

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Practices a Digital Marketing Company Uses to Include Exceptional Photos in Your Brand’s Blogs

Think about the last time you had to read something and somehow the creator had forgotten that photos existed. Do you remember what happened then? Hint: zzz. But the moment there was a photo or even a silly doodle, you instantly became more alert. To prevent you from snoozing in front of your screen, a digital marketing agency adds photos to blogs.

Here are the practices a digital marketing company uses for adding photos to your brand’s blogs.

  • Use Original Photos

One of the main advantages of hiring a digital marketing firm is a team of professionals will handle all marketing-related things. While creating content for your brand’s blogs, the text is not the only thing the agency will handle. They will also have a professional photographer who will click necessary photos for your blogs. 

Nothing proves creative digital marketing like original content. Original photos give the impression that the brand has put in thought about the content they want to present to their customers. This might decrease the bounce rate as people are intrigued by the lack of stock images. 

  • Acquire Photos Legally

If the digital marketing agency is not able to click some original photos, they will legally acquire photos from independent photographers. The benefit of acquiring photos is that they are already ready for use. The digital agency does not have to spend time clicking and editing these photos. However, the agency will have to pay the photographers.

  • Using Memes

If there is one thing the internet loves and cherishes it is a meme. From creating memes to using them as reactions, people love expressing themselves without having to type it. More and more companies ask their content marketing agency to include memes in their blogs. This is because memes are funny, relatable, and help the brand connect with their customers. Companies like BuzzFeed use memes to achieve this.

  • To Break Up Text

A blog filled with nothing but words makes the reader seem like they are reading a textbook. This will lead them to leave your blog immediately, thus, increasing your bounce rate. For this very reason, a marketing design agency will add photos to break up the text. 

When photos accompany words, it makes the blog more interesting and visually stimulating. Also, it serves as a great means to break the monotony of paragraph after paragraph and make the reading content easy to remember.

Let’s take an example. Suppose the blog is going into detail about the process of acquiring a certain and using it in your product. The wall of words will jumble up the reader’s mind. But if you use images of the product or a pictorial representation of the process it will help in better understanding. 

  • Use Screenshots From Videos

If your brand’s blog is about a tutorial or how-to guide, the WordPress digital agency will include screenshots from the tutorial video. This makes reading and understanding the content much easier as the person does not have to pause or play the video again and again. Moreover, it decreases your bounce rate. 

  • For SEO Optimization

A subtle yet effective way in which an SEO and digital marketing agency use photos is by making them SEO optimized. But how do you do that? Simple, the agency simply edits the image by adding an alternative text. In doing so, even if the blog does not show up on Google’s search results, it will show up on Google Images. 

For example, if the image is titled in the alt-text tag as, “industry statistics”, it will show up on the Google Images page. On clicking on the image, the person will be taken to your brand’s website. Thus, increasing your website traffic and eventually ranking higher on search engines.

  • Include People in the Photos

When a content marketing agency uses people in the photos for your blog, it creates a positive impression. 

How come? Simple, people trust people. Since the reader cannot physically interact with your brand on the website, their mind will instantly look for humans photos to make sure that the brand is authentic. 

Including humans in your photos makes your brand seem human and real. People will observe their expressions and make judgments accordingly. The happier the people look in the photos the more positive impact it has on the readers. 

We hope this article helped you gain insight into the ways a digital agency uses photos for your blogs. With a wall of text, a photo gives the reader’s eyes a break. Additionally, it allows the person to remember your blog better since visually stimulating objects stay in our minds more than words.

Toshiko’s Tip of the Day: Avoid using stock photos as they give the impression of a lack of creativity. Instead, ask your digital marketing agency to post original photos and link them to your brand’s website or the photographer’s website. 

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