Rewriting Blogs and Why They are Beneficial for your Brand

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Rewriting Blogs and Why They are Beneficial for your Brand

One of the least troublesome and effective marketing tools used by a digital marketing company is blogs. More importantly, rewriting old blogs is another marketing technique used by a digital marketing agency

It might seem unnecessary, but it helps you create more content without spending too much time on research. Think of it as dusting or changing the cover jacket of a book to make it look brand new. In fact, at some point in time, this blog too will be rewritten!

There are several reasons why blogs are rewritten. Some of these include:

  • To update the blogs with the latest data and statistics.
  • To use better vocabulary and sentences.
  • To create new content without doing extensive research.
  • To improve the quality of your brand’s blogs.
  • To provide the audience with relevant information.

However, rewriting is not the same as spinning the written material. Spinning, using software called ‘spintax’, involves simply changes a few words with an alternative. In doing so, the sentences lose their essence and sometimes even their meaning. Rewriting, on the other hand, entails you removing the unnecessary things and sticking to the relevant facts, information, and statistics. 

But it’s still the same, right? No, let us use an example. Spinning will simply replace a word like “analyze” with “search” or “study” which causes the meaning of the sentence might get lost. This is because the words are not being used in the right context. Rewriting will involve changing sentence A to B

A: “For a content marketing agency, being up-to-date with the social media calendar is a priority. It keeps the audience in touch with the brand’s activities and new launches. It also helps a brand increase sales as people know about the brand’s latest activities”

B: “A content marketing agency prioritizes being up-to-date with the social media calendar as it keeps the audience in touch with the brand’s activities. In doing so, the brand increases customer engagement and thereby the sales as well.”

There is a clear difference in how each of these sentences put forth the point of increasing sales. The latter goes into detail about how a content marketing agency increases sales, unlike the former.

But the brand is spending time and energy is working on old blogs. How will a few changes make any difference? An online digital marketing agency will rewrite blogs for the following benefits it has for the brand.

  • Increase Website Traffic

A marketing agency will work towards boosting your website traffic. Saving time and energy is a bonus for both your brand and them.

The first thing they will focus on is the blogs that have performed well. Rewriting them with more relevant and updated facts becomes essential to keep the content fresh and new. There is always some new technological change budding up. If the technology is relevant to you, a growth marketing agency will add it to your blogs. Additionally, having better quality photos, titles, subtitles, rearranging paragraphs, relevant keywords, and so on, enhance the overall content. 

  • Decreases the Blog’s Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the time spent by a visitor on your blog. A low bounce rate is what a digital agency marketing your blogs try to achieve. A low bounce rate means that the person spent a long time on your blog before they bounced off. The opposite is the case of a high bounce rate, wherein the person left your blog quite quickly.

A notable reason for a high bounce rate is that the content is irrelevant or outdated. Regularly updating your blogs prevents this. With constant changes in the industry, your brand needs to be updated with them. But so do your customers. Providing relevant information makes you seem like an expert and increases your brand loyalty. 

  • Rank Higher on Search Engines

Search engine algorithm works on SEO optimization. The more relevant your keywords are the more likely it is to rank higher on the search engines. An SEO digital agency wants just that for your brand. 

Although your content may be updated, you might still lack in the keywords department. With new trends and changes, your industry is also bound to have new keywords for SEO optimization. Thus, adding the new and relevant keywords in your blogs will boost your website’s rank on search engines. 

We hope this blog helped you gain insight into rewriting blogs and how they affect your brand’s ranking on search engines.

Although it may seem tedious and unnecessary, you will realize that the old blogs need a little touch-up to make things seem fresh. Moreover, in the process of rewriting, you will also find that you have new ideas or even better words to put across your point.

Toshiko’s Tip of the Day: While uploading the rewritten blogs, do not use a new link. Instead, use the same link as the old blog to boost your website traffic without starting from scratch.

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