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As a creative digital agency, we have expanded our services to social media marketing, advertising and content marketing and creation, and much more. So, with almost a decade of experience in the industry, we have worked with companies around the world from luxury brands to FMGCs to NGOs to pharmaceutical companies. 

In this venture, we have created a stronghold in creating advertisements for our clients, from scripting to graphics to production and so on. We have produced content for ATL, BTL, and TTL platforms. 

Should You Hire a Digital Ad Agency Instead of an In-House Advertising Team? 


Objectively speaking, it’s much easier and cost-effective to hire an online ad agency instead of an in-house team. Firstly, they are professionals with decades of experience under their belt that do this for a living. 

Secondly, being a part of the marketing and advertising industry, a full service marketing agency knows about the latest trends, consumer behavior and has worked with brands of different industries to know what content would suit yours the best. 

Thirdly, since they work on a contract basis, you can either hire them for a set of services or a time-bound contract. So, once the project is over, you aren’t liable for any more payments.

How Does an Ad Agency’s Contract Work?


As a creative digital marketing agency, while we have retainer clients with whom we’ve been working, we love taking up a challenge and making pitches to various companies about our services. 

What Makes Us Unique as a Creative Digital Agency?


We love mixing a tablespoon of challenge with our morning coffee when we begin our work. We believe in having a deep understanding of not only the consumers but also the brand and the market to hit the bullseye. Making the brand relevant and user-friendly is our top priority and we ensure that you get nothing short of top-notch quality content and services. 

How Does a Social Media Ad Agency Work in the Digital Space?


With an experienced team of SEO experts, digital advertising firms study consumer behavior, target market, and where they stand in each social media platform. Keeping those in mind, the content created by the social media ad agency will target certain demographics using relevant topics, SEO keywords, and much more.  

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As an online digital marketing company, SOL Digital aims to make your brand not only relevant but a household name.