Corporate Films & Ad Films

Creative ad agency and branding agency

In the marketing world, creating videos for our clients comes to us as easy as ABC! If a picture is worth a thousand words, think about what a video could do! Creating videos today for a brand is not only essential but has also become easier over the years. 

From commercial ads to corporate videos to documentaries, to brand videos, product videos and so much more, a digital marketing firm can do it all when it comes to marketing your brand. At SOL Digital we don’t just market your brand, we weave stories that the audience can connect with, whether it’s a corporate film or a product video. We create our videos from scratch, starting with the script, storyboard, and all the way to the finishing touch to the end product. We create videos such as:

Corporate Videos


From the orientation video, you saw when you first joined the company to brand videos. People prefer these videos over long, boring presentations. Luckily, today your employees aren’t the only ones who are interested in your corporate videos. Many customers want to associate with your company and its values before purchasing from you. So, they can be marketed too. 


Branding/Marketing Videos

If you’ve observed, you’ll often find certain ad films going viral for the marketing message behind them. When an ad agency is a branding or marketing video for you, we aim to please the audience. We create brand films that integrate your brand, its values, and products so that the audience can connect with the video and increase engagement and brand recall value in the long run.


CSR Videos

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is extremely important for any company as through this initiative they give back to the community. Moreover, it can do wonders for the brand in terms of creating a good impression among customers.  Here at SOL Digital, we work closely with the clients to create not just a digital record of the CSR initiatives but transform them into heartwarming stories that leave an impression on the viewer. 


Short Films/Videos

Over the course of time, advertising has relied heavily on visual appeal. However, with so much content available, there are many things to see, and so, we, as a creative digital marketing agency aim to create short videos/films that keep the content short, crisp, and easy to understand.