Tips from Top Marketing Agencies to Upgrade Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

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Tips from Top Marketing Agencies to Upgrade Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Social media has taken over our lives. From our lifestyle habits to clothing inspiration and so much more, we are informed about the latest trends through social media. 

So, it’s not surprising that brands have started using social media to market their products and services. After all, the outreach there isn’t limited to a certain area or demographic, rather the whole world can see their posts. 

This raises the question: How does a brand up their Instagram marketing game to gain such an outreach? How do marketing consultancy firms increase their client’s engagement rate and brand awareness?

Here are some tips from top marketing agencies to upgrade your Instagram marketing strategy.

  • Post Consistently 

Growing on a platform like Instagram is not just about posting once in a while and calling it a day. This way you won’t get followers to your account. 

The Instagram algorithm works to push those accounts on the explorer and recommended section that posts consistently. This is why a digital marketing company responsible for your brand will create a posting schedule and make sure to post consistently.

In doing so, your content remains fresh every time a new user stumbles across your account. Moreover, your content will be in sync with the latest trends and they might just help you market your brand better and gain followers.

  • Optimize your Profile

All the top social media marketing companies will agree when we say that an optimized profile tells a lot about your brand. 

So, not only do top marketing agencies need to create the perfect profile, but they also need to provide all the necessary information for your brand. 

After all, since it’s not a webpage, the users will look at your profile to see how authentic your brand is and if it answers some basic questions. For that, your profile needs to have your brand name, website link, business category, contact information, and other CTA. 

  • Create Reels

A good digital marketing agency knows how important Reels are today for a marketing strategy. The groovy music, with filters, texts, and a 15-second limit has become a user favorite as it makes content consumption a lot easier. 

Nowadays, given the popularity of Reels, the lack thereof is only limiting your marketing efforts and outreach. 

  • Use High-Quality Images and Videos

For a digital marketing firm, posting high-quality content, especially photos and videos is of utmost importance. Why is that? 

Firstly, it shows the professionalism of the brand. Secondly, it makes your brand stand out and look more authentic. Thirdly, it increases the chances of users actually your buy products and services. 

Moreover, it makes the content easier to understand and allows your followers to know about your latest products, marketing campaigns, and much more. 

  • Create your Niche

If there’s one thing Instagram is known for, it’s the aesthetic photos and videos. So, not even top marketing agencies can argue with the fact that your brand needs to create its niche or “look” to market itself better and find the target audience.

To do the same, digital marketing services will use your brand message, philosophy, colors, etc., and incorporate them into creating your niche. This will help you market better to your target audience as they will immediately understand the niche. 

  • Use the Right Hashtag

What if we told you that one wore or phrase can easily increase your outreach, gain followers, and even boose sales? Sounds like a dream right? Fortunately, it’s actually possible!

A digital content agency responsible for your brand will curate a set of hashtags specific to the posts to increase engagement. These hashtags will be relevant to your content rather than putting 50 similar hashtags. 

Users won’t engage with your content if they keep seeing the same hashtags popping up in the captions. 

Also, since people follow certain hashtags, the more you use those specific ones, the more your posts will show up on their feed. 

  • Reply to Comments

The best content marketing agencies will always stress interacting with your followers in the comment section. This is because it makes your brand look more humane. Moreover, it helps you build your brand image and increase brand awareness.

Sometimes, you might even gain insight into your target audience’s point of view and help you understand what they like and dislike. This leads to better marketing strategies, products, and services. 

We hope this article gave you insight into some of the tips from top marketing agencies to upgrade your Instagram marketing strategy.

Toshiko’s Tip of the Day: Rather than sticking to only one kind of content, experiment with all available resources to understand what your audience responds to the best. You might find that your engagement rate drives up when you post a certain type of content. 

If you need assistance in marketing your brand, our team of dedicated professionals at Sol Digital will be happy to help. With several years of experience and even more happy customers, we are the one-stop for all your marketing needs.

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