Corporate Identity Design

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Your brand image is a crucial part of creating your brand identity as it sets your brand apart from the competition. More importantly, it becomes the foundation on which your brand, its value, and philosophies are built. In other words, it’s the DNA of your brand.

Elements of a Great Corporate Identity Design

  1. Name of the brand
  2. Logo of the company
  3. Tagline or message of the company
  4. Establishing brand guidelines that will be followed across all platforms

How Corporate Identity Design is Integrated into Social Media Marketing Campaigns


You can’t depend on word-of-the-mouth in this digital world. Almost every brand in the world has a social media account where its products and services are being promoted. So, social media marketing is indispensable for any business. 

A large part of why people lean towards certain brands is because their corporate identity design on social media is bang on with their company. Here’s how a digital marketing agency integrates corporate identity design into your social media.

  1. A clear image of the brand logo in the profile photos and header with the official brand name.
  2. Account bio contains the tagline, brand message, or other relevant information.
  3. Following the brand guidelines to make social media posts and marketing campaigns.
  4. Incorporating brand logo and name in the content.
  5. Being consistent with the template of the content being marketed.
  6. Avoid switching your social media marketing company in the middle of a campaign or project.

Benefits of a Single Full Service Digital Agency to Integrate Your Corporate Identity Design into the Content

While it’s common for companies to switch their online marketing agency, experts suggest that it’s important that you don’t do it for one single project or even hire multiple digital design agencies for each service.

With a full service marketing agency, the agency is not only responsible for creating the brand guidelines but has a better understanding of it when following the same to create content. 

On the other hand, when you switch to another agency for content marketing services, the brand managers and account managers have to familiarize themselves with the guidelines and other requirements before creating content. 

So while the new digital marketing company might provide you with something more unique, a full service digital agency is the one that can deliver content more relevant and in-tune with your brand.

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