Multimedia Campaigns and Management

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While digital media in marketing is one of the most important channels of communication in the market, the traditional formats still hold value are equally crucial in reinforcing the brand name. So when you hire a full service marketing agency like SOL Digital, you get the best of both worlds, from social media marketing to end-to-end management of multimedia campaigns.

As the name suggests, there are many forms of content created for the marketing campaign, while the brief and message might be the same, what changes are the format and style in which the campaign is delivered. 

How to Create the Perfect Multi-media Marketing Campaign?


Step 1: Set Goals


Before approaching your digital marketing company, ensure that you set measurable goals for your campaign. These goals then become a foundation upon which you will create your brief for which the campaign will be based. Ensure that your goals have some metrics to measure and analyze. For example, increase sales by 20%.


Step 2: Establish Target Audience 


After your goals are set, you need to decide who will be the demographic or the target audience for the marketing campaign. Since there are multiple facets to such campaigns, you need to ensure that the target audience has access to these campaigns. 

More importantly, define who your target audience is, what message you want to relay, what language works best for them, tone of voice, and so on. 


Step 3: Content Creation


With your goals and target audience set, you need to determine what kind of content you want, whether it’s a poster, social media post, video, ad film, etc. Since each platform of communication adheres to a different kind of content, the digital web agency will aim to create content that is consistent across all platforms.


Step 4: Creating Content Calendar


With so many posts and different channels for posting, it’s important to create a content calendar. This will help you schedule all the posts and keep track of when and where the posts have been made. 


Step 5: Analyzing Results

Lastly, you need to analyze the performance of the campaign. At the end of the campaign, your digital marketing firm will use tools to analyze the campaign performance. While these tools and other metrics will give you numbers, they will also check how the buzz of the marketing campaign fares.